OpenOCD and LibSWD integration complete

Patches that integrate LibSWD with OpenOCD has been already sent, so the platform independent Serial Wire Debug in Open-Source becomes a reality! Mr. Gerrit takes care of the source code review part, while Mr. Jenkins takes care of proper binary build for various platforms and operating systems. This is the right moment to make use of developers mailing list for feedback, asking questions, blaming, testing, adding new features and voting to accept the patches, so the code becomes an integral part of the OpenOCD release! :-)

Orange Labs provided R&D environment for initial stages of the research. Warsaw University of Technology made this possible as part of my MSc and PhD thesis. Krzysztof Kajstura designed and provided his generic KT-LINK (FT2232H based) interface to work with. David Brownell first introduced the Transport layer in OpenOCD in 2010 to split Target from JTAG. Simon Qian was working in parallel on his own SWD implementation for a Versaloon interface (as part of intelligent firmware). Øyvind HarboePeter StugeSpencer Oliver, Rodrigo Rosa helped me on GIT usage and OpenOCD internals,  Freddie Chopin helped me a lot with commited patches to match OpenOCD coding standards, Akos Vandra helped me to test functionality as the program was created… and my other friends should be also noted here for their support :-)

Power of the few outweights power of the many! Thank you for your support! :-)



Hello Tomek Cedro,
i’m an Italian student from Federico II University. I had tried to use your libswd without success. I don’t know how to use the library, I have some trouble when the linker tries to find the function.

Can you help me about it? Can you tell me where i can find some help to develop with libswd?


Emanuele Matino

Tomek Cedro

Hello Emanuele :-) Please note that OpenOCD did not accept LibSWD patches and I do not support OpenOCD anymore! If you have questions regarding the LibSWD and its Application, please visit project website at and post the ticket in case of problems :-)