CeDeROM, founded by Tomasz CEDRO, is an Independent Research & Development SME focusing on Cutting Edge Internet Technologies, Smart Electronics, Embedded Systems, and Interdisciplinary Research Projects based on Open-Source solutions.


  • Electronics: Design, Analysis, Prototyping, Testing, Reverse-Engineering.
  • Programming: Unix / BSD / GNU, IoT / Embedded Systems (NuttX), Mobile (Python Kivy).
  • Networks: Design, Implementation, Administration, Management, Hosting.
  • Consulting/Training/Seminars: ICT, R&D, IoT, eHealth, Smart (Embedded) Systems.
  • Research: ICT, IoT, eHealth, Smart (Embedded) Systems, bioCybernetics, Aviation, Sport.
  • More details: About Me / CV, LinkedIn, GitHub.
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Warszawa, POLSKA, EU
NIP: PL9591596815
REGON: 362972174
DUNS: 436772738
EORI: PL959159681500000
PIC: 924115121
Registered: 2015-11-10


Table below presents pricing variants. All prices are NET values WITHOUT TAX. I am registered EU TAX company B2B ready.

Time unit is each started HALF work-hour / man-hour (MH). 5 minutes counts as 1/2 MH. 65 minutes counts as 3/2 MH. 8 consecutive hours counts as One Man Day (MD). 9 consecutive hours counts as 1MD + 2 * 1/2 MH. 24 consecutive working hours count as 3MD. One Man Week (MW) consists of 5MD. One Man Month (MM) consists of 4MW and 40MD. B2B discounts are available for contracts (1MM+) and long term well planned cooperation.

150 37.5 1/2 MH Standard
300 75 1/2 MH I need that yesterday!
600 150 1/2 MH I need that yesterday and I don’t care you are working on something at the moment already!
1200 300 MD Standard
2400 600 MD I need that yesterday!
4800 1200 MD I need that yesterday and I don’t care you are working on something at the moment already!

If you don’t like it don’t bother to contact me, please, respect each other and our time.