KT-LINK interface driver for UrJTAG

I have sent patches with KT-LINK interface driver (FT2232H based, full-featured, low-cost, SWJ capable design by Krzysztof Kajstura) working in JTAG mode for UrJTAG low-level access software utility with GNU license. I have also created a dedicated fork of UrJTAG for LibSWD integration, which is open and available at http://repo.or.cz/w/urjtag/libswd.git. When the job on LibSWD error handling is finished and fully functional with OpenOCD, I will make a release of LibSWD that will be also integrated with UrJTAG using git submodule mechanism just as in my OpenOCD+LibSWD fork :-)

new website

After two years of my web inactivity here when social networking steals our private space such as this meanwhile balancing between everyday struggle of survival I have managed to set up a new website. It will be available in English by default, but Google Translate should help to read it also in other languages. There are some basic information copied from old website (it had over 1 500 000 visits since 2006, thanks!) , successively I will add more information from the past, hopefully I will also have something new and interesting to write about in future as well :-)