STM32Primer1 JTAG Pinout

Projekt miał na celu rozpoznanie ścieżek sygnałowych JTAG w zestawie uruchomieniowym STM32 Primer.

UrJTAG 0.9 #1461
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jtag> cable usbscarab2
Connected to libftdi driver.
jtag> detect
IR length: 9
Chain length: 2
Device Id: 00111011101000000000010001110111 (0x000000003BA00477)
 Unknown manufacturer!
Device Id: 00010110010000010000000001000001 (0x0000000016410041)
 Unknown manufacturer!
chain.c(149) Part 0 without active instruction
chain.c(200) Part 0 without active instruction
chain.c(149) Part 0 without active instruction